Short Instrument name changing Trouble in a Big Band Arrangement

Hello to everybody,

I’m writing an arrangement for Big Band, where I use instrument changes from Trumpet to Flugel (as in the screenshot).

I’m using the font Pori Rehearsal with a line over it.
In the change warning (at layout option), I managed to put the character “[” to open the name.

However, in the abbreviated instrument name, I can only put this character “[” in the instrument short name, at the setup.
By doing this, I’m also getting this character “[”, at the short name on the following scores pages, that I don’t want.

Is there any other way I can put this character as I’ve done with the warning instrument change?
Any idea, I will appreciate.
Thanks a lot.

I can’t think of a good way to do this, no.

Really what we need is a way of specifying for a paragraph style what the custom prefix, infix, and suffix should be, so that Dorico could automatically add these kinds of brackets for fonts that handle them without you needing to think about it. Perhaps this is something we’ll be able to add in a future version.

Hi Daniel,

This, being implemented in the native system, would be amazing, and a time safer.

Thank you so much.

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