Short instrument names/rests in condensed score

Hi, I’m having trouble with a condensed score. I’ve attached a picture showing my Hns 1/3 & Hns 2/4 displayed the way I’d like (1/3 and 2/4 stacked on top of each other and the rest for the tacit Horn 3 displayed as a bar rest). On the next page, the rests for Horn 3 are displayed as separate beats and the numbers 2 & 4 are not stacked. Anyone know why this might be? I’ve checked the parts and uncondensed score and it all seems correct. thanks, Helen!

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 14.28.39|690x342

We would at the very least need to see the uncondensed Horn staves, or better yet a cut down version of your Dorico file of the problem area, to diagnose your problem.

thanks Derrek - sorry if this is a silly question but by cut down file do you mean just the horns? thanks!

Just the horns or a few measures of the full score around the offending horn measure(s). Essentially, “cut down” means enough of the Dorico file to see the settings and parts involved.

In this particular case, there’s no need to attach anything: try going to the Staff Labels page of Engrave > Engraving Options, and set When stacking player numbers for condensed players vertically to Ignore stem allocation.

If the problem is the rests in Horn 2, will changing the staff label fix that too?

Changing the staff labels info fixed the numbering issue - thanks very much @dspreadbury! I’m still not getting the correct rest for Horn 2 though . Cut down attached in case there’s something I can fix here (ignore that the full score is a bit messy, I just deleted half the orchestra)! Thanks, HelenCut Down Horns.dorico (3.6 MB)


I confess, the way rests appear in measures 11 and 13 stump me. Even after I copy Hns 2 & 4 from measure 9, where it presents its rests correctly, the errant rests appear in 11 and 13. I also tried reducing the number of beats between condensing changes to 1, without improvement. What did make things look better was a change I made in Notation Options to eliminate rests from resting parts and rely solely on the Player Number to indicate who is playing. You may or may not find that a solution to the difficulty you are encountering until the Dorico Team can deduce what is causing the apparently incorrect rests to appear.

The double marking of the 3rd Horn results from text you have added and can remove.

Thanks so much for looking at this for me. I had also tried copying from other bars to see if there was some hidden formatting I was inadvertently using. Yes, I remember now I had to add that ‘3.’ manually as for some reason it wasn’t coming up automatically. I may just present the score with no rests for the tacet players, as you suggest for a workaround. thanks again.

My recommendation would be to use a condensing change at the start of bar 11 where you specify that Horn 2 should go into the up-stem voice and Horn 4 into the down-stem voice. You can then have a further condensing change in a subsequent bar where you reset back to automatic condensing.

Thank you! I may just switch to no rests for tacet players throughout as suggested.
I’m having a similar issue in another score with the condensing short names not stacking (cut down attached). I’ve changed the engraving option to ‘ignore stem allocation’ for vertical stacking, which works throughout for everything but the trumpets. I’m also wondering if I can remove the ‘1’ from the sus. cym. short name? It doesCutdown Minute 2.dorico (3.7 MB) n’t appear in the ‘edit names’. thanks!

The easiest way to dispense with the “1” at the end of the Suspended Cymbals staff label is to select the player in the Players panel and click the Add Group button, which will put that player in its own group, and thus it will be numbered independently of the other cymbals held by the other percussionist(s).

The problem with the trumpets showing 1.2 instead of stacked numbers is unfortunately a bug due to the fact that the trumpets are section rather than solo/single players. If there’s no specific need for these players to be section rather than solo players, create two new empty-handed solo players and drag the little trumpet labels from each of the existing solo players over to the new empty-handed solo players, then delete the now empty-handed section players, and that should sort it out. The underlying problem will be fixed in a future version of Dorico.

thanks very much - both issues are now resolved for me.