Short key for closing a window/frame

short question… i’m looking for a possibility to close windows with a short key. For example the channel settings windows or an opened vst. I’m working on a 27" mac and sometimes i’m running a marathon crossing over the screen clicing away a window… I’ve looked in the key commands but I can close all windows but not only one…

unfortunately there isn’t a keycommand to close the vst window that’s currently active afaik. like you say, there is a kc available to close all the opened vst windows at once.

then there is a keycommand available to close (technically toggle) the channel settings.

further still, some windows can only be closed using a global windows shortcut like ctrl+f4 (if you’re on windows that is, probably a similar shortcut for your mac?).

for the time being you could make a macro and group some of those ‘close’ commands into one. i know it’s not exactly what you had asked for but i’m afraid it’s the closest one could get at this point.

Okay Thanx! This kinda helps :slight_smile: Need to check out that macro thingy… didn’t use it before… But everything for some time saving :wink: