Short legato


Since I often write long notes, I end up with my scores filled with ties.

A legato style I like very much is the one often used by Boulez. It is sort of a short or broken legato, or a reverse l.v. (as shown in the snippet).

Is there a way to do it in Dorico, while continuing to have the notes be tied? Should I edit everything in Engrave mode, or is there a global way to do it?



Perhaps making the tie on the second note a playing technique could work? It’s probably not ideal but I’d think it would be preferable to editing everything in engrave mode.
Using the Boulez excerpt as an example, you could probably force the duration of the first note to a half note (probably not necessary with a half note, but I’d imagine you might have to do that with other rhythmic values from time to time), add the l.v. tie, write the second note at the end of the tie, but have a custom playing technique (a tie/slur attached to the left side of the notehead - you’d have to play around with the spacing, but you could check the tie settings to see what the spacing/height is and go from there).

I hope that’s helpful…

Or a custom notehead with a slur?


Hi, thank you for the hints! Both very solid ideas.

However, I don’t think they make the task easier or faster than editing the tie in Engrave mode.

If I can suggest a new feature, I would love the tie length and position to become a propriety. Also, it could be a global engraving options, with ties longer than a specified value to become shorter (only on the right note, only on the left, on both).


I will take a little time to create the Notehead set the first time, but then you can save it as default for future projects.


Nah, just tried, problems with ledger lines, so maybe not such a great idea after all.