Short note playback (Score), Note Highlighting & lyric issues

When I have audio audition on, and click on a note it only ever holds for a certain duration and sometimes notes don’t even play.

I know some notes are tied or slurred but it seems to be very hit and miss.

Also, when I select a note in the Key Editor, it often is not selected when I go to the Score and vise versa.

In addition, entering text for notes via the Key Editor does not always result in words being presented on the Score and having them above and below the stave, i.e. in different places is not a good look.

If anyone has any recommendations, please offer them as you will.

Thank you


The selection is designed like this. Only a short MIDI Note is triggered.

The other issues… Could you try Safe Start Mode (trash your Preferences)? Does this fix it?

Hi Martin,

I found Lyrics can be entered via the Key Editor as well.