Short Options?


Does anyone know of shortcuts /key commands to switch between these options highlighted below?

Also, a simple shortcut/way to open the stereo buss channel settings?

PS I pretty much know it’s gone for ever but wish we could have the old forums back.


A: This is not accessible by Key Command.

B: Ctrl+Alt+ left/right arrow (Cmd+Opt+left/right arrow on Mac). In the Key Command window, you can find it as Window Zones > Show Previous/Next Tab.

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Thank you Martin.

Re A: It now defaults to faders view, how can this be changed to default to inserts view? (I find myself repeating the same action again and again).

Actually alt+ctrl+up or down on win 10 works for a.

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Oh, you are right. Window Zones > Show Previous/Next Page.

Yeah great feature

Fantastic, cheers.