Short Orchestral Church Hymn ...


Im quite fresh to composing, so Im thankfull for tips what to make better.

There were several church hymns in my ears that I tried to make a short orchestral piece out of (duration: 1:42 minutes). For bad luck I do not even know all the titles of the hymns :blush: , especially not in english xD In German the first hymn that is used is called “Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier” (at 0:19), then the second I dont know (at 0:29) and the third is “Halleluja, lasst uns singen” (at 1:28). I used only short sequences out of these hymns and tried to compose other stuff around and link them up to one piece.

Besides suggestions about what to improve I would also like to know the name of the hymns in english, just in case someone is knowing them :slight_smile:

Thank you! :smiley:

I don’t know any of the hymns in your music but I want to give some advice on your music and use of instruments. First thing, you really need to mix your music and bring the tune out. As I listen to it now I can’t hear the tune of the hymn as the tuba/trombones playing the base are far too loud and overpowering. To achieve this I usually start with the instrument playing the tune and I solo it, make sure about its volumes right through. That done I’ll add the bass and bring in balance between the melody and bass so that it is not overpowering. Now bring in the other background instruments and make sure they stay in the background. Your melody must be loud and clear.

I don’t really like your selection of instruments as you only use the brass section most if the time (or that is what is sounds like). Why don’t you add some violins and let them play the melody? Nothing wrong if you only want to use brass but then you must really adjust the balance between the melody and bass and harmony. I would also recommend you pay more attention to phrasing, the instruments should play legato for 2,3 of 4 bars then break and start the new phrase. Try to imagine real players playing the instrument, they can only breath out for a few seconds then they have to inhale air before they can play the next phrase. At 0:19 - 0:22 you have the right balance, one can clearly hear the trumpets play the tune but soon the harmony players become to loud and the melody gets lost again. Especially your bass sections and lower harmonies, they sound far too loud for my ear. I’ve been a church organist for 20 years and I was trained in choral music, the number one rule is always let the melody be heard loud and clear. Hope this can help you to improve your mix because your harmonies are beautiful. One thing I think you should really pay attention to is to lift the strings and woods because the brass is totally overpowering everything else and it just doesn’t sound normal. I think if you get that balance correct your music would sound way better. I hope you find this helpful. Michael

Hi soccy! Great first attempt! I’m not familiar enough with the melodies to know the names of the hymns.

It is indeed a challenge to replicate orchestras itb and I think MFox has given you excellent recommendations. Additionally, I suggest that as you listen to your mix try to visualize the entire orchestra or brass section, etc. By this I mean try to imagine the string players guiding their bows through passages and the brass/woodwinds breathing after long held notes. I think this will help to create a more realistic arrangement.

Wow, thank you very much MFox and aMUSEd!
Your tips are great and I did not expect such a qualified reply at all, the more happy I am about this constructive critics. I hope I’m understanding everything you say and of course it will take me some while to get this to work out (I think it will need a lot of work to imagine the orchestra and set the legato etc. as it would be with a real orchestra or to get the relation strings-brass, bass-melody, … in a more realistic way). But just because it is not easy does not mean your tips are not right, in opposite, I think these are really good hints on what to work on my side in future. Once more, thank you very very much!