short piece of chill and mandolin

piece name: piano comfort
length: 2:16

constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey Masoomi, keep them coming! Thanks for sharing. Very nice little piece. I’d say, move off the two chords into a new section, going wherever it needs to go to solidify the ideas so far.

you mean the harp part is repetitive? I guess I could work on variations to make it better. thanks a lot

Since you are asking for some criticism,… to me … it sounds a little mechanical, lacking complexity and allure…
it’s the harp that is a little too plain/basic.

it’s great to know your point of view… I’ll try to fix that about it.

Yes, I might say that the harp is repetitive, but I really mean that as a musical composition, it’s just C Major and D Minor, and I’m suggesting you could expand on it with some change of direction, to make it longer.

Thank you for elaborating further mate