"Short space" character?

In the image below, I’d like to add an extra non-breaking space between each of the lyrics under the reciting tone, but not quite a full-width space.

Is there a way to add a narrower space? Or is that dependent on the font?

This link has a list of spaces of various sorts, including “Thin Space”, “Hair Space”, “Zero Width Space”. You might find something useful there. When you mouse over each character’s name, it displays the code and a button to copy the character. As you suggest, it may well depend on whether the font includes those characters.

I don’t believe these can be input into the lyric popover, can they? I haven’t been able to.

You might try copying the character, or a block of text containing the character, and pasting it into the appropriate location, but I don’t know if that will work.

I am able to enter, for example, the Narrow No-Break Space (Unicode U+202F) between multiple words on the one note by enabling the Unicode Hex Input keyboard layout (I’m on a Mac).

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I can’t seem to manage it on PC. :pensive:

This Microsoft link details the procedure of entering Unicode characters.

It might be that the Qt framework and Dorico sometimes behave differently on different platforms, or possibly that something in Windows is causing the Lyrics popover to not fully work as intended. I’m guessing, so it could be something else entirely.