Short-term Ambitions

Hey all,

Here’s a new one from me. I was playing around with EZDrummer’s Indie Folk kits and this is what it turned into :slight_smile:

All comments welcome!

Short-term Ambitions


I like it. Nice ethereal opening and I like the small, jazzy kick drum. Good work!

First off…I really enjoyed this. I loved the smooth leads at 1:03 to 1:24. I liked it enough to use it elsewhere in the song. The vocal is airy and very cool sounding. Years back I had a drum kit with loose heads and it sounded dead whenever it recorded, I can’t help but feel the drums sounded like those did after listening for a while…but please don’t feel that to be a bad criticism. I truly loved this work. Would you consider trimming the length a bit.

Ok I’m done. Very nice job. This is something I hear in a movie during one of those “reflection” scenes. Great work. Yup

I am with Knuckles. I really like the song. Everything sounds really good to me but I don’t (personally) care for the SOUND of the drums (I think they are programmed/played nicely). Like Knuckles said, it is just my opinion, as I tend to like a tighter, crisp drum sound.
Nice work!

Thanks for your comments guys.

The sound of the drums is representative of indie folk these days (à la The Shins, Band of Horses etc…). That kind of Lo-Fi sound. I’m actually quite fond of it :slight_smile:

I think your right about the length, Knuckle, I might shorten the song. I have another arrangement which skipped the second chorus maybe I’ll spend some time working on that.


Okay. I’ve created a shorter arrangement by removing the second chorus and I moved the first musical break to after the first chorus too.

My concern so far is that it doesn’t flow as nicely as before. Would love to know your thoughts of the new arrangement.

Short-term Ambitions (Shorter version)


Your a good writer mate !!! this is a good song, I won’t go into production or drum sounds etc…because we would all do it different, the main thing is this is a good song and produced any way you like it would still be a good song…well done and respect !!!Kevin

yes very good,as always great melodies,i think an R&B drum track would suit this like the tr-808 type sound, great stuff .

Yeah, I like this one, too. You’ve got a knack for good melodic phrasing, especially the vocal.
The drum sound isn’t to my taste, either, but if -you- like it, then that’s that.
I would, however, suggest that you tame that kick drum - especially when the verse comes in.
Everything else drops down nicely there, but that kick stays at the same velocity and has that over ring to it,
and to my ears it’s the first thing my ears are drawn to when you start singing. I’d strongly suggest that you
soften the attack of that kick during the softer parts of the song, thereby improving the dynamics overall.

Nice work!

This is a good song performed very well. I actually like the drums because they sound real to me. You have an interesting high voice and you sing in tune. Good job.

This is great man, so soothing and relaxing. Those guitars are really hitting my ear’s sweet spot. Like mention before that kick might be a little too much. I actually like the sound of it, like you said, it is pretty characteristic of this type of genre but I would just tone down the volume a little bit. This type of music doesn’t really need a powerful kick and making it softer might even add a little more of a vintage sound.

Great work.

Thanks so much for the comments guys. Really appreciate the feedback.

I think you’re right about the kick being to imposing in the verses. I didn’t notice it before but now it’s annoying me! :smiley:


Yes I like tune also, great parts and vocal, sorry not a fan of the kick though. It takes up so much space in the mix to me that it detracts and becomes the center of focus. Like what was said if you are happy with it that’s all that counts though

Thanks Kenny. I’m definitely going to do some work on taming the kick a little :wink: