Short video from yesterday's session.

The band I worked with yesterday shared this. There’s a whole video being edited of the whole session from the video crew. This is just a sneak peek. This session features Santa moon gel on the kick drum!

Cardigan Terrace - ‘Homesick’ Sneak peak!:

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nice !! :mrgreen:

Here! :wink:

Sounds cool. Radio stations in North America play a lot of indie rock like this. Your vocalist sounds good…

Love it!

How come that band isn’t more popular…I mean only 18 subscribers on their channel. Really? They’re pretty good. I guess they are pretty new too, and they only have a couple of songs out.

Cool! :smiley:

What are we listening to? Sound like video cam mic on the drums, and direct from the vox?

Jeff, that made me laugh so hard! Yes, the vox are direct but to make them more realistic, I fed them into a yank ovic vox sim. Best sound ever! :smiley:

Not sure really. They have a management team. When they came in initially to record their EP, they were just playing reeely local. Since then they have broadened their reach from Philadelphia to New York.

They are young. Since their first series of sessions, they came back in for that single. They have seriously become more polished, tighter and dynamic chemistry/understanding. I hope when they hit the sweet spot, that they spend a little more time with the production side of the mixes. These are kinda plain jane compared to what I usually do but it works for their sound, so it makes me happy. They are happy too. They are a great group. Management too. You know, just “good people”.



The bass player plays left hand, upside-down, Jimmy Haslip style… don’t see that very often.

Years ago a good friend of mine played one of those headless Steinberger basses. He was left handed and just flipped it over to play upside down. He was an incredible player, but it wasn’t until he grabbed my guitar one day, flipped it over and played like it was the most natural thing in the world that I wanted to go home and sell all my instruments.

I was hoping to see more of Woodcrest Studio in that clip… :sunglasses: