Shortcut Ctrl-V?

In Preferences → Shortcuts I don’t understand the very first item under Audio File menu with a Key Sequence “Ctrl-V” - it does not make any sense.
Am I missing anything?

Thank you for your quick reply however that is not my point.
I am aware of & using Ctrl-X / Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V.
My question is why is there such an entry under Audio File with no action assigned to it at all (it even says in red “Already used by Paste”) and Paste function has its own logical entry.

Hard coded or!?

regards S-EH

Action is “Paste”.

Well you are missing my point :slight_smile:

If I filter the shortcuts list with “Ctrl-V” key sequence, I get 2 entries under Audio File section.
Paste 0

One is the expected and logical (Command = Paste, says in red [Already used by: “”], full description at the bottom)

And the other one which makes no sense to me and could be removed in my opinion (Command = none, says in red [Already used by: “Paste”], no description at the bottom)

Can you see the differences?