shortcut for (30) markers


I previsouly made a topic “Shortcut for activating marker tracks”.
Maybe I should group both but I don’t know how to do it …

this one was the subject of interesting discussions and reflection, but, in my opinion inconclusive.

I would like by this new one to redefine the main issue, namely, the possibility, with a simple shortcut to jump on a marker, among a minimum of 30.

The first topic was created for the same purpose, but the way to approach it was too complicated.
Why have several marker tracks? Just because shortcuts from 1 to 9 are not enough to call all the necessary markers.
So the fact of creating more marker tracks, has in my opinion, the sole purpose of overcoming a weakness of the software

Unless I am mistaken, any solutions that have been made to this problem by the previous topic are not satisfactory.

So it will be great if steinberg implement in the next version of cubase, the possibility to move on at least 30 markers by shortcuts.
For example, the numeric keys of the keyboard from 1 to 9 call the markers from 1 to 9. The same thing but holding down before a combination of keys would call the markers from 10 to 19 and in the same way another combination of keys preceding the same numbers would call the mark 20 to 29.

I wouldn’t mind having more jump to marker options but, I would hate more buttons because they would take up more screen space. So maybe add a few modifier keys to jump into the 20 or 30s.

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But what’s wrong with the Key Command Go to Marker X when you can type any number you like? Just assign a hot key, let’s say Num+ and you’re free to choose even marker 105890…))

Ok I never seen this before I read your post. Indeed in the manual page 308(french) there is three lines talking about this function.

Thanks. After all this time spending, solution was in the manual …