Shortcut for 5:4


just as “!” gives 3:2, is it possible to program a shortcut for 5:4?



de la même manière que “!” donne 3:2, est-il possible de programmer un raccourci pour 5:4 ?


Not within Dorico, but you could use a macro software like AHK or Keyboard maestro.

Edit: I misread your request. Yes, you can type basically anything into the popover. What you can’t do is simply type “5” as a shortcut for 5:4.

Surely ! (french kbd) simply opens the tuplet popover? From there you can type whatever ratio you want.

(If you have a series of many 5:4 to enter, create the 1st, then use Alt-Click to duplicate it)

If you are willing to make a manual edit to your user keycommands.json file, you can create a shortcut for this if this is something you commonly need. For example, I have a shortcut for a 3:2 tuplet as below:

You could easily substitute 5:4 for 3:2 and then whatever shortcut you want where I have Num+1. Just enter that line into the kWriteMode context. Definitely make a backup of the file first as Dorico might not open if you get the syntax wrong.

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Nice, I hadn’t thought about the JSON route. I have a few of these programmed to Stream Deck, but this is much simpler.

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Thank you very much for the advice. I haven’t dared to go into keycommands.json yet, but I’ll give it a try with caution.
It will be very useful.

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On my PC, Num+5 didn’t work, so I had to write [“Alt+Num+5”]
And it’s perfect. Thanks again.

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I tried this (and @dan_kreider , I followed your excellent YouTube tutorial) and I thought I followed it exactly, but I must have done something wrong. Whenever I make the changes I want to the JSON file, when I open Dorico again, suddenly NO key commands work anymore, even the built-in ones. I double checked that my syntax matched similar commands in there, so I don’t know where my mistake is.

Even worse, even though I subsequently replaced the original version of the JSON file so that Dorico now functions properly, I now notice that a number of commands on the Finder are no longer working (for instance clicking on icons in the Dock won’t open apps unless I right-click and select “open”, unpinching on my trackpad no longer shows the desktop, and other things. I swear I put the original Dorico JSON file back, and I did not touch anything else at all. Could I really have messed up my entire computer?

(I’m trying to create MIDI shortcuts (in the lowest octave of my keyboard) for various tuplets: 3:2, 4:3, 5:4, 6:4, and 7:4.)

I’d bet money your dock icon issue is entirely unrelated.

As to your JSON issue, try copying and pasting the entire contents of the JSON into and hitting the Validate button. My guess is that the final command in whichever context is missing the closing comma. That’s the sort of thing that’s easy to miss but will invalidate the whole file.