Shortcut for Automation tracks witdth


I would like to make a macro (to be used on my IPad control app) which only affects the width of the automation lanes, not the width of the audio and instrument tracks.

So, once you are done writing MIDI and you want to finetune the automation you can enlarge the automation lanes and make the Instrument or audio tracks really tiny.

If you look in the Keycommands section i only see “Zoom vertically” and that affects everything. But i don’t want large audio tracks, just large automation lanes :slight_smile:

So, is there anybody who found a solution for this?



You can Glue it with the Project Logical Editor (PLE). In the PLE make a condition: When Type Is > Automation track, and then as an Action, trigger the Macro from the PLE. Save the PLE settings as a preset. Then you can assigne Key Command to this PLE preset.


Thanks, i kinda understand what you mean, but could you be a little more specific? I’m not that familiar with the PLE


Sorry I wasn’t in front of Cubase. Now, I will hopefully make it totally clear. See attached screenshot, please. In the “Zoom In Automation” Macro, there is only the Zoom – Zoom In Vertically command.

…But unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Because the Zoom In Vertically command is always applied to the all track, not selected only.

I got it! Use Zoom In Tracks instead of the Zoom In Vertically, in the Macro. And as the Project Logical Editor Action, choose Select. So this is the correct PLE…

Thank you very much for helping me !!

Your idea works great, but i changed it a bit.

The first command collapses all tracks to 1 height, and the second only enlarges automation with Zoom In Automation.

This way you only see automation tracks enlarged and the instruments and audio tracks stay 1 height.

Very nice !!!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I like this idea but one problem is that the PLE preset will also select Group and Effects tracks if they have volume automation programmed. So in a big project, this technique ends up zooming in dozens of unwanted tracks at once.

Anyone have a solution? I can’t find a way to make the PLE select automation tracks but NOT Group/Effects tracks.

Ooops, you are right.

I tried to add an condition “And Media Type is Unaqual Group”, but it doesn’t!t work. :-/

one solution is to put all the FX and Group tracks in a folder which gets closed before all tracks are reduced to 1 height. that way only the automation of instruments and audio gets enlarged.

Od hide them, nad show later on. Maybe it would be even possible to extend the Macro by this.

Yeah if you give the Folders specific names its easy to hide them first with a name based hide command.


I tried next step. I did two more PLEs: Show Group Channels and Hide Group Channels. And of course I have the old PLE Zoom In Automation. Then I made a Macro of these 3 PLE presets:

  • Hide Group Channels
  • Zoom In Automation
  • Show Group Channels

I would expect, this should work. If I do these steps one by one, then it works.

But unfortunately, for some reason, it doesn’t work as a chain in the Macro. :-/

The PLE is driving me nuts sometimes.

Everytime i think i understand its logic, the thing reacts different.

It’s easy to loose hours on something that is also doable with keycommands.

At a certain point it’s more my ego who want to beat the resistance of the PLE. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do i really need this macro? hmmmmm

For me PLE is totally OK, but Macros make me creasy. The “idle” Command is missing so much. :-/