Shortcut for doubled stems?

I’m entering some old hymns in which the voices on each stave are stemmed together rather than high-voice-upstem/low-voice-downstem. Of course, there are a number of unison notes for each stave.

Finale has the ‘doubled-stem’ tool, and I wonder if Dorico has such a thing. At the moment to get the doubled-stem, I’m entering the 2nd unison note in a lower Dorico-voice.

Thanks, all!

Select the passage, filter for bottom note in a chord, right click, change voice, Downstem voice 1.

You can assign a keyboard shortcut to the filter within Dorico, and if you download Keyboard Maestro (Mac) or AutoHotKey (Windows) you could programme the whole thing as a macro.

You’ll need to fix the unisons yourself, I’m afraid.