Shortcut for Galley View


the shortcut for Galley View, ctrl+alt+2, only works in setup mode, not in write mode. How come, is something wrong on my side? Or should it only work in setup mode?


I did not know about a shortcut to galley view, at least on mac… It sounds more like a shortcut to write mode, or am I missing something?
[Edit] Thanks for the tip, this is a useful shortcut!

Ctrl+2 goes to write mode… at least on PC :slight_smile:

You should find that it works in both Setup and Write mode. I wonder whether perhaps you’ve defined another shortcut in the Key Commands page of Preferences that is specific to Write mode and which collides with this default one?

I didn’t know that shortcut. You made my day :slight_smile:
That means it works for me in Write mode as well. However there is some delay before the view change.

Hm, no I did not. But anyway I tried to delete the existing shortcut and add it again: the culprit must be that my swedish keyboard sends @ when I press ctrl+alt+2. I never used that because the “normal” way to write the at sign is to use altgr+2…

Problem solved. Kind of :slight_smile:
I’ll just change it to something else.


[Edit] : shortcuts work fine for me.