shortcut for move arrange part in vertical?

is there some short cut to move arrange parts in vertical?

as we have: Ctrl + left or right arrow, I was wondering If there is some shortcut for do this same but vertical up and down with arrows?


By default, there is no Key Command assigned. But you can assigne your own Key Command. The Command is “Down” ar “Up” from the Nudge folder i the Key Commands window.

Thank you very much Martin

I have two questions:

In the nudge folder, I see Down Larger Step, for what exactly is that?

Also, is there some shorcut to move left and right but making big jumps instead of bar by bar?


  1. I forgot. If you want to move an object in the Scout Editor (for example)?

  2. The step size depends on the grid. So 1 bar is the biggest step and you can get smaller steps.