Shortcut for ruler in seconds instead bars

For some work I need the top ruler in seconds instead of bars. But every time I set the timecode cursor to 0:00:00 at the start of a long clip, the ruler jumps from seconds to bars. Totally insane. And I can’t find a shortcut to switch from bars to seconds.
Of course I know that I can insert a second ruler that also stays permanently on “seconds”.
However, in order to see the playing time of a clip in minutes and seconds in the description line, the top ruler must be set to seconds. Otherwise it shows the number of bars.
Does anyone know of a shortcut to change the ruler display?

I see the same.

If it’s the same as in Cubase, it’s jumping to the primary time format, which I presume is Bar and Beats in your example – so if you swap the time formats, it will do what you need itito do.



Thats ist. Thank you very much.

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