Shortcut for 'Selecting All Following Events' on a single track?

Hi guys,

Is there a shortcut for ‘Selecting All Following Events’ on a single track in Nuendo? The closest I found was selecting all events beyond the cursor, but it selects events on all tracks. I need to select following events only on a single track.

In a bit of a mess where the editor re-cut the film without any notes on changes and I have to do a manual sync. :open_mouth:

Previously, I’ve used this shortcut in Logic X for something similar. I couldn’t figure out how to program it in the Project Logical Editor. I’m hoping there is a way to do this.

I’m afraid it’s not possible within Nuendo.
Please refer to:

Niek/ Amsterdam

Shift+double click on first event.

Awesome, this works! Thank you so much!