Shortcut for selecting which tracks to record?

Just a little thing:

I have 3 keyboards in my setup: a Yamaha, a Roland, and a Korg. So, I have one MIDI track for each.

Is there any way that I can make a shortcut key that will turn recording on for the Yamaha and the Roland, but turn it off for all other tracks.

I looked at macros, but I don’t see how to do it. You can add the Record Enable command, but there isn’t any place to tell it which tracks to enable. I assume it would enable the selected track(s). So, maybe if I can tell the macro to select specific tracks, then I would be all set. Is that possible?

There’s probably a far neater way to do this but here is an option

Create a logical editor preset

Filter = Name/contains/xx
Action target = Track Operation/Record/Enable (or toggle if you want to disable too)

Save it as “Rec enable xx”

Create another preset

Filter = Name/Contains Not/xx
Action target = Track Operation/Record/Disable

Save it as “Rec enable xx2”

Open key commands, show macros and create a new macro…you then add a command to run each of the presets you just created…you will find them in the folder “Process Project Logical Editor” - Assign your Key command to this macro.

Hope that helps.

Ooops…almost forgot to mention…you need to add xx to the name for only those 2 tracks and make sure no other track contains xx…you could use anything you like to replace xx of course.

Thank you, that worked beautifully! I didn’t realize that there is more than one logical editor.

Ha…It was only a few weeks ago I was struggling trying to create a logical edit preset somebody else posted because I was looking in the wrong editor.
So getting this working this was a good learning process for me too.

Yeah, there’s a lot to learn in this program. It’s taking me quite awhile to get comfortable with it. I just started using it a couple months ago.

Actually, getting all that set up made me realize what my bigger problem is:

What I’m doing is playing on two keyboards at once and I want to record both of them at the same time, which works fine.

My problem is that whenever I stop recording, one of the tracks get deselected and record mode gets turned off.

That’s not such a big deal now that I have my shortcut to reselect and reenable record mode, but I can’t use the re-record function (I guess that’s what it’s called, where you hit the record button again while you’re recording to start over) because it will deselect the second track before it re-records and end up recording only one keyboard. Sometimes I’ll play for awhile before I realize that only one keyboard is being recorded.

So, I think that’s a bug in the program or something.

Not a bug in the program. :neutral_face:

Do you have record enable selected tracks enabled in prefs? Shouldn’t.

Thanks, Nate. It took me forever to find that thing, but it made everything much better!