Shortcut for split at cursor? remove and combine files?

Hello everyone,

I am taking on a film editing project, and hoped to see if anyone could help.

The moving picture will be edited externally, but I will set cubase to chase the external editors movements. This is where I may run into a problem. While the video and audio are sync’d, I will throw off the sync every time I cut a piece of footage out.

Maybe someone knows, or can think of a way for me to shortcut certain commands. First I hoped for a shortcut to use the split tool wherever the cursor lands, and not have to use the mouse.

After I split the beginning and end of the unused footage it should be easy enough to delete. This will create 2 clips. The original and the new.

Afterwards, is there any shortcut or method for me to automatically join these two. More precisely to have the new clip move and start at the end of the original clip.

I hope there is a way to do this, and maybe some sort of customizable controller I could use for this operation.

I believe I’m on Cubase 7.5

Thank you!

Found it! But I’m open to workflow suggestions