Shortcut for tuplet icon?

We now have a selection of tuplets that can be instantly created when the tool icon is pressed: e.g. I can select 5:4 as the default tuplet, and keep pressing the button to create them: but there doesn’t seem to be a key shortcut for that.


It would be a massive productivity boon if there could be one, to avoid dragging the mouse or typing ;5:4 enter.

If I was the developer I’d just put Tuplet as text instead of 5:4 and that’s all!

But that value can change on the button.

This was hackable even in 3.5. I have a shortcut for a 3:2 tuplet. Just add the following to the kWriteMode context in your user keycommands file:

Obviously you can replace the definition value and shortcut with whatever you want. I mostly use 3:2 tuplets the vast majority of the time and I needed a shortcut that could be reached without taking my hand off the numpad while inputting, so that’s what I use.

Interesting – I am not finding how this can be done (as in your screenshot).

If you hold down the tuplet icon, you get a selection of different tuplets to choose from. As with Insert mode, Voices, and the dotted note.

Once selected, then you just click to create that type of tuplet.

Having one key for the currently selected one would be better than just one key for a particular type.

Oh, now I see: During note entry, it shows the ongoing tuplet value. I hadn’t tried it with note entry.

I have Keyboard Maestro macros for the most commonly used tuplets. While the new selection for tuplets certainly is a handy feature, it’s still a lot faster for me to use the macros.

I wonder why the preset septuplet is 7:8. Is’t 7:4 the most common one?

I’m afraid we didn’t perform an exhaustive survey of all tuplets in published music to determine this – we just talked about it for a while and chose the ones that seemed most logical to us.


Not a big deal. I was just wondering.
Thanks a lot for the beautiful Dorico 4 update!