Shortcut gone with 1.2.10


I’m using Dorico on OSX 10.13.3. Keyboard is set to German/Swiss.
Since I updated to 1.2.10, the shortcut “ß” for Bb-flat doesn’t work anymore. What can I do? I don’t want to change my keyboard settings.

thanks in advance for your help!

Sorry, I don’t know which command this is supposed to be the shortcut for: is this a shortcut you defined yourself in previous versions?

Daniel, ß is the regular (default) place for a flat on a german keyboard layout in macOS:

Key Commands German keyboard.png

trompetolero, in Doricos Help Menu you will find „Key Commands“. You can search for „Flat“ or just scroll down, where it will show your actual key commands for your Dorico setup. If your Application language is set to German, the Menu will be called „Hilfe“. Look up „Tastaturbefehle“, then search for „Vorzeichen“


Thanks for your answers. I am aware of the help/shortcuts-option.

Switzerland has it’s own keyboard layout which is different from the German one. Especially as we don’t even have the letter “ß”. We can create it via “alt+s” but it’s uncommon.
I created my own (alt+S) shortcut now, which is the same as before the update. Just so you know about the strange disappearing of a shortcut in a small country in Western Europa that is really complicated to understand in terms of languages and keyboard layouts.


I did not want to make you paranoid about the size of your country (it does not matter), just show the procedure to look up that shortcut on your individual computer.

[edit] I just see, you have solved it :slight_smile:

pss: when I communicate with my swiss friends and colleagues, I always make sure to use the ss instead of ß. It looks more modern and at some point the germans will probably catch up.

To get back to musical issues, one thing I often stumble upon is the spelling of Basso. In old scores I will quite often find a spelling that looks like Baßso or Basßo (either way round). Or is it just Baßo and one notices two letters merging into one?? How nice to be able to solve this problem by just writing Bass or Basso :slight_smile:

And in the french part of Switzerland (even smaller) we have our own keyboard layout
with Its own peculiarities concerning Dorico :laughing: