Shortcut issue & focus

Hello, I have a problem with shortcut and focus window I think…


  1. I have a shortcut to open/close the lowerzone edit mode for midi clip

  2. I have a shortcut to open and one to close the edit zone in a new window for midi clip

  3. open the new window with the shortcut and close it with the shortcut,

  4. the shortcut for opening the lower zone doesn’t work anymore,you have to click on the main aera to make it work again…

I guess it’s because the focus is not automatically set back to the main aera… not so big deal but in a day of work it’s annoying !

do you experience that also ? any clue to solve that ?



little up… no one is experimenting this ?

I think this is not yet implemented. Key commands do not work for the according action if focus is on other window :unamused: