Shortcut key or Remote command to Reset ASIO Overload?


I’ve looked, and googled, but I can’t find a Shortcut Key command or a Generic Remote command that resets the red ASIO Overload indicator. Anyone know if there is one?


I’ve looked too and don’t believe there is a shortcut, but would +1 for adding this as a key command despite the fact that it would probably cost me an added expense for regularly replacing a worn out key, as that cost would easily be recovered in time saved. (An indicator that is always on isn’t indicating much of anything.)

Yes indeed, my system is stable and powerful but still seems to have the red ASIO overload light on most of the time. For example it goes on when I enable or disable a plugin, or when I add a new plugin. This isn’t really very useful and it’s also a really small area to click to reset it. Hence the question…