Shortcut next to menu items

I suggest (at least as an option) to have the relative shortcut of the menu item visible. For the beginners and someone who arrives from other software is very hard to open every time the keycommands page to remember what is what. Is there a possibility? Or there’s something else that I don’t know?

Your Key Commands (short cuts) are already shown alongside menu items.

Yes, mine. Not every key command.

It makes much more sense for the ones I did not choose to be visible: the ones I chose myself, I am much more likely to remember, right?

Both the built-in shortcuts and your own are shown. If you change one of the built-in shortcuts that change will be reflected on the menus.

I mean shown in the menus. It makes much more sense if the built in are shown in the menus.

They are!

they are not in the right click menu

Are you on a Mac? You’ll notice that key shortcuts aren’t shown on any contextual (right-click) menu. Any app.

uhm… are you sure?
Screenshot 2024-02-21 alle 14.38.56

What app is that? It doesn’t look ‘standard’ UI.

Here’s my Feedback Report to Apple on the subject, which was closed with “Works as currently designed”.

Here’s Safari’s contextual menu. All of those commands have shortcuts.

Screenshot 2024-02-21 alle 17.47.47
It was Ableton Live; this is Logic. Every professional music software I use has this feature. I can understand if the contextual menu issue is related to Apple, but every time I ask something about Dorico, the response is ‘it is what it is.’ It’s somewhat frustrating.

In this case, Ben is right: Apple’s own Human Interface Guidelines recommend that context menus should not show shortcuts:

To quote from this page:

Show keyboard shortcuts in your app’s main menus, not in context menus. Context menus already provide a shortcut to task-specific commands, so it’s redundant to display keyboard shortcuts too.

Of course Apple is free to break its own interface guidelines if it wants to!

The Qt framework that Dorico uses abides by the HIG and doesn’t show shortcuts in context menus. There’s no direct support for overriding this programmatically, so far as I know, but I’ve made a note of it and will look into it at some point.