Shortcut Problem on Cubase 12 ( Mac & Windows )

This is the report on the ‘on-screen keyboard’ function.

Like “Record” or “Cycle”
If you assign it to the keyboard key that is assigned to the ‘on-screen keyboard’,
The shortcut keys assigned to the “Record” or “Cycle” function will be given priority
It will not be available as a function of the ‘on-screen keyboard’.
For example, if you assign a shortcut to the ‘cycle’ function to the alphabet ‘C’ on the keyboard,
When the ‘on-screen keyboard’ function is turned on, the Mi (Pitch from Do Re Mi) sound does not work, and the shortcut key only operates in the ‘Cycle’ mode.

In this regard, I hope that the Cubase will also improve the shortcut key.

Like Apple’s Logic Pro X, shortcut priority, flexibility with changes in Windows
I am anxious that those things will be improved.

Best wishes to the Steinberg Cubase developer team.