Shortcut question - key editor view


What is the quickest way to ensure that all the notes in the selected part(s) are on view in the key editor note display area, both vertically and horizontally?

Zoom to locators only sets the horizontal axis.

There used to be (a few versions ago) a few Zoom controls tucked into the rh bottom corners, but these seem to have gone. Have not found a shorcut here. Am I missing something

thank you all


You can select all, then zoom to selection. I use this macro:

Thank you Steve, selecting all is a little (only a little) awkward when most of the stuff is not on screen. Never used a macro, about time I learnt - so I shall tackle that.
It would be good to have a Steinberg shortcut for this, or maybe a little button by the scroll and zoom wheels (something like the old times). When your visiting hundreds of key editor instances (like orchestral stuff) sure would be handy.

Well, simply use key commands rather than the mouse.

You don’t have the zoom tools in the lower right?
They are showing here:

Hi Steve

Yes I do, but back in the days, I do remember r-clicking in the little white (in your pic) corner box and getting options for various zooms. Thats the kind of thing I mean…

Hm… wasn’t that just in the Arrange Window? I don’t remember a right-click thingy there ever, but my memory could be… wait, what were we talking about?

Hmm unfortutantely my brains arrange window sometimes gives issues too!
Not sure! :slight_smile:

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Arrange window what’s that?


Arrange window is what the Project view was called from 1987 until 2001. You did say ‘back in the day’ :wink:

Yes I remember now, I joined club in 1993

Sometimes my memory takes a few minutes to warm up, a bit like my chocolate lab when it comes to anything except food