Shortcut question

Hey, I’m trying to set the clip PAN and VOLUME envelope to a keystroke.
GO TO “shortcuts” GO TO “Pan of Active Clip” Set the keystroke to § go back to montage and…nothing? Same with volume.
Am I doing something wrong?
I want to be able to select a clip, hit “P” and have the PAN ENVELOPE appear. Same with the volume envelope, select clip, hit “V” and have the VOLUME ENVELOPE appear.
Thanks for any help.

WaveLab Pro 10.0.50

Checked, doesn’t work here either.

W10 x64
WL Pro 10.0.50

PG??? Would this be a bug? Or, am i doing something wrong?
Thank you!

“Pan of Active Clip” as noted at the bottom of the Shortcut window (when you select this command), is about “If activated, this item is the subject of the nudge commands”

And this works. But this shortcut is not about showing/hiding the pan envelope.

Huuum, okay…Thank you!