Shortcut request: preload/preload part when a new setlist is activated with songs not previus. load

the AUTO preload and AUTO preload part flag (why two? the preload part must be complete with all parts) is a good job when uploading a project.

BUT SOMETIMES, it is not enough!

Talking about a project with many songs, and we want to choose only a few groups in a separate setlist;

Again, if we have multiple setlists, and supposing we have to create
a new short setlist “on the fly” and want to activate it right away, we need to activate preload in the menu.
(remember, i am a performer on twitch, so it happens live, during the performance, with only one big project with all my songs)

If a song has been previously played/loaded to another setlist, it will remain, but for songs that have never self-loaded, we need to perform this action.

----- so will you provide:
1 a midi shortcut in the project to enable preloading of parts
2 an automatic option, when I activate a setlist, that action trigger preloads the parts too.

(it doesn’t make sense to have a midi shortcut to select a setlist, and the songs don’t preload themselves…)

thanks, too easy to do so than explain… - :slight_smile:

I guess it makes sense to run preload (or not) when activating a setlest just like when you load a project, will implement that.

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Yes, I trust of your work, thanks a lot!

Will preload like when loading with the next version.

thanks again