Shortcut(s) for Copy/Paste of plug-in settings?

Subject says it all: Is there a way to create a keyboard short-cut for the copy/paste functionality in NU10’s plug-in windows? (… p. 535 of the PDF-manual doesn’t help.)


Very good question !

+1 for a new feature request! This is a must have

I do not see how you can assign a keyboard shortcut to a particular plugin on a particular track.
It would take at least 16 keyboard shortcuts for 16 inserts of a track to copy and the same thing to paste …
A solution would be with a control surface, a buffering of the chosen parameters and then copy / paste these parameters on the same plug in of the same track. (the Smartav Tango did that).

It’s much simpler than you might think: The active window should be the target for copy/paste, that’s all. It’s like “Click plug-in 1/ copy /click plug-in 2 / paste”. Ever worked with ProTools? :wink:

If I want to copy a complete channel or rack there are already ways to achieve that.

Ok, I didn’t understand.

Indeed, it may be useful.
And that already works with EQ

Still hoping for a more complete key-commands implementation, two years later … (sigh … )