Shortcut to change played duration without changing written duration

The version history for Dorico 4.3 says you can set a shortcut to change a note’s played duration without changing its written duration. I have been unable to find the relevant item in Dorico → Preferences, and a Google search hasn’t helped either. Have others had more luck?

(I see numerous options to change both the played AND written note durations but this isn’t what I am looking for.)

From page 26 of the version history for Dorico 4.3:

Key commands for piano roll note edits. New commands to increase and decrease
the start and end playback offsets of selected notes have been added to the Note
Editing category in the Key Commands page of Preferences. You can use these
commands to set up shortcuts to adjust the start or end position of notes in the
piano roll editor when set to Played Durations mode. Each invocation of the
command increases or decreases the relevant offset by 25 ticks.


The commands are found in the Note Editing category and are called Decrease Playback Start Offset, Decrease Playback End Offset, Increase Playback Start Offset, Increase Playback End Offset.


Thanks to both, I now have it sorted. I was searching for variations on the words “change playback duration without changing written duration” and getting nothing useful. If possible, it would be useful if a search like mine could also lead a user to the appropriate place. I expect I am not unusual in thinking of this issue in terms of playback v. written durations rather than start and end offsets. However, I realize my search involved a lot of words and may be hard to incorporate in search criteria.

Such a useful key command, I love it! Can we customize the default 25 value though?

No, it’s not possible to change the delta.

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