Shortcut to montage effects window/tab

I have created a shortcut to switch to montage master, but this only works when the effects window is selected already.

Is there a way to make a shortcut to the effects window/tab from File Browser or Clips for example? I would like a way to get to the montage master with one or two quick shortcuts. Right now, I have to use the mouse to get into the effects window/tab, then the shortcuts worked. I looked for a shortcut to the effects window/tab but didn’t see one, only for background tasks and one other maybe.

It’s not possible. But I agree that when you trigger the shortcut you mention, the FX window should be activated automatically. I will change it in next update.


I’m glad I wasn’t overlooking the solution for this. A one shortcut solution to see the montage master would be great, since most of the time even when you go to the effects tab, it shows you the track effects by default. I would prefer the montage effects to be the default view when going to the effects window/tab, but a shortcut to this works too I suppose.

I look forward to this addition and the next WL update.