Shortcut to quickly view the Stereo Out inserts?

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I hope this question doesn’t sound funny, I tweak the inserts of the Stereo Out bus a lot during a session, so every time I press F3 to open the mixer and then scroll to the right to view those inserts. Is there a shortcut maybe to view them quickly, or maybe open somehow the Channel Settings window for the Stereo Out bus?

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Use the Zones of the MixConsole. Set the Stereo Out channel to the Right-Zone. Then you don’t have to scroll at all. The Stereo Out channel (fader) will be always available (pinned) on the right side of the MixConsole window.

Hello, if you have a Midi controller, like a Nano Pad from Korg,maybe I have a solution for you! I have to do it, but for example with my old BCF2000 I use some buttons to open each insert. REQUIREMENT; the Stereo Out should always be called in the same way

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Do you mean via using Generic Remote Device? But the channels of the Generic Remote Device are not linked via the channel/track name. They are linked to the channel slot. Is even if you say, you want to control channel/track “Audio 01” (for example), you are not controlling a channel with this name. You are controlling channel, which sits in the slot 3 (for example). So once you would add any other channel ahead of the “Audio 01”, you wouldn’t control “Audio 01” anymore. You would control the channel above.

The same is with the outputs. So even if you would assign Stereo Out, you wouldn’t control it anymore, if the number of channels would change in the given (it another) project.

Hello Martin. I think I’ve gotten a little involved with your explanation, hehe. Not probllem.

I answer, YES, it is through the generic controller, and I just tried it and through the nano pad it works as I think the partner needs. My old BCF always remember the settings. I have two, the one on the left is for inserts 1-8 of the selected channel and the one on the right is only for a couple of vumeters on the CR and the first 4 inserts on the Master Bus. (I have verified that the name did not matter, but IF the position of that channel, as in this case it is the Master Buss (stereo Out) we usually put it at the beginning or at the end if that is respected, there would be no problem.)

This would be nice if the Generic Remote remembers the Name and not the position which I think is what you were referring to Martin, Sometimes I want to Retouch the Drive (Waves NLS) of my Mix Buses before reaching the Master Buss, and cubase does not It allows me because it depends on the tracks that project has. I don’t know if I have explained myself.


Could you attach the screenshot of your Generic Remote Device settings, @Pablin_Drummer , please?


This is exactly the problem I’m talking about.

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