Shortcut to remove "event snap points"

Does anybody know of some way to QUICKLY remove those silly “event snap points”? Or rather move them to the beginning of an object? As of now only way i know to do it is to manually open an object and drag the snap point all the way left. I just wish the was something like the right-click “remove hitpoints” type feature. Any help appreciated. This slows me down quite a bit in drum editing at times.

Hej Zack

Just make a Macro like this -

  1. Transport - Locate Selection
  2. Audio - Snap Point to Cursor
  3. Navigate - Right

Then make a shortcut to this Macro

So now you just select the Event (no need to open the Sample Editor) and play the Macro.
If you hold down the key(s) you have assigned for the Macro, you can quickly reset all the Events Snap Points :wink:


thanks, this isn’t exactly what i’m looking for but it helps quite a bit. since i want to be able to do it for specific objects quickly though, i guess i’m just suggesting there should be a “remove snap point” option on right click. I did however have no idea there was the “Audio - Snap Point to Cursor” function which helps my problem for sure so maybe there is something else like that i could do without a macro. Thank you very much either way

If you just want to do it on a specific Event, then just leave out the 3th command (Navigate Right) from the Macro.

And if you want the Cursor to stay at the same place as it was before the Macro was played, then build the Macro like this -
Snap Point.png

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Saying you just want to remove snap points is like saying you want to quit using gas in your car … There is a lot of things Cubase does for you based off of that location. You can however, turn off snap. Which effectively does away with the snap point temporarily.

Well to be clear then, what i want it to do is reset all snap points to the beginnings of objects. With the way I edit there’s never a reason for them to be anywhere but that.

Cubase never puts them anywhere BUT the beginning. So, you are somehow overriding that behavior.

You can use the info line to move them.

No way dude, i don’t think so. I posted about this some time ago, and no one seems to have an answer so I gave up. I swear to god sometimes these things show up out of nowhere at the most RANDOM spots. They are a nuisance at best. The macro idea is good actually, but honestly there should be some way to select ALL events and with one click set them all to the beginning of the events. I’ve had snap point so close to the end of events that I couldn’t find them and it was driving me batty. I’m STILL trying to figure out the purpose of these things. Sorry, thats not accurate, I know their purpose but when editing, they are a massive pain. I can’t understand why there isn’t a global command to bring all of them to the beginning of their respective events.

For example, if you want to Ctrl+L an event to precisely where the cursor is, Cubase will move the event to the BEGINNING OF THE SNAP POINT, not the beginning of the event at all. And the problem is the snap points aren’t always at the beginning. So then, you have to move your cursor to the beginning of the event, set the snap point to the cursor (this is the quickest way, believe me) and then find the precise spot again that you had the cursor at originally. Either that or move events manually, which takes 3 times as long to get accurately. SUCH a nuisance and it totally kills workflow when editing.

I’m with Xaq on this, these things SUCK. :slight_smile: sorry, just venting frustration. heehee

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thanks for the info line tip, that might work if it’s what i’m thinking, I’ll have to try that later.

Also metl4evr, thanks for some support on this. I’ve been dealing with this issue for years now. However, the snap points not being at the beginning of objects IS useful when using the mutli-track drum automatic quantize features so you can offset the objects to avoid losing transient attack. However, I think it also happens at random sometimes and moreso, it should be made very easy to reset them to beginning of objects like you say.

To say “Cubase never puts them anywhere BUT the beginning. So, you are somehow overriding that behavior” is somewhat irrelevant to what we’re saying here. Fact is they often end up all over the place, and i’m looking for a quick and easy solution to put them back at the start of objects when they belong.


  1. Press ‘L’ to locate cursor to selected event start
  2. CTRL+‘J’ is (I think default) move snap point to cursor

But agreed; a ‘move snap point to event start’ command would be helpful

@jmcecil - as you’ve never seen snap points at random positions i.e. not always at the start of the event, then I can only guess you’ve been very lucky; it happens all the time for me. I like manually punching-in. I’m not always using Locators; I’m not always using cycle-mode for multiple takes. Snap points often seem to appear at a position of their own choosing (yes, always somewhere towards the beginning of the event, but not ALWAYS at the absolute start).

See the attachments in the first post here:-


Are snap points not created on quantise points?

yeah, they have there grid set when recording.

there are a lot of things that can be set to move the snap point on record. But, it isn’t random.

I created an account because of this very issue. I have been using Nuendo/Cubase for 12 years and never visited this forum before now. This is the single most annoying feature of Cubase. WE DESPERATELY NEED A DEFAULT IN THE PREFERENCES SETTINGS THAT SAYS “ALL SNAP POINTS TO BEGINNING OF EVENTS”

I have spent many, many wasted hours, and much wasted breathe cursing Cubase due to the random placement of snap points. EXTREMELY ANNOYING.

Please, please Steinberg, create this option in the preferences menu and get to the bottom of what is going on here.

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OK, after spending an hour searching around the board I found a good way to deal with this. I’ll post it here in case it saves anyone some time.

  1. Create a key command/short cut (I used “control-J”) to move snap point to cursor
  2. Highlight all audio regions/events where the snap point has been randomly placed
  3. Press “L” to move the cursor to the beginning of the audio regions/events
  4. Press “control-J” to move them all to the beginning of the audio regions/events.

It would be better to have a default preferences box that you could check to automatically set all snap points to the beginning of the regions, but given all the time I’ve wasted on this, this workaround is a blessing.

Am i crazy or does this command “move snap point to cursor” not exist in Cubase 7? I cannot find it. :imp:

Has anyone figured this out without macros? I want snap points to be automatically at the beginning of events by default too. I’m using Nuendo 7 and it’s a similar problem. When I record audio, it automatically places snap points at the nearest grid size. Any way to turn that behavior off? Even when my grid size is 1 sample, it still places the snap point 1 sample after the event start.

I’m currently working on the foley stage of a project and had to chop a bunch of prerecorded step and hit sounds. After chopping and bouncing/rendering in place all the snap points in the new clips are at the end. Do I need to say it makes my life much harder than it needs to be?