Shortcut to reset clipping LED

I just can’t find an entry to reset the clipping LED (on transport and in mixer) in the list of shortcuts.

Is this not assignable?

I too would like to know as I currently rely on this as a keyboard shortcut in C6. I hope Steinberg haven’t removed it for C7! :confused:

Sometimes it works for me, sometimes not…

How does it work for you at all?

Mind looking up the entry in the shortcut list?
Just enter the key you use in the right field inside the shortcuts menu.

It’s not there… would love to have it back!

So now it looks like we may have to do a feature request just to get a useful keyboard shortcut back… :neutral_face:

maybe alternatively double click on it for reset clipping LED?

Sometimes when it doesn’t work I go on the mixer menu and click on the ‘Reset Meter’ and then it appears on the Key Commands list again…

This is really strange…Go to File>Key Commands>Mixer>Meters:Reset it’s there! Then it disappears! :confused: Then do what “Sonik” says and it re-appears… :astonished: strange i say…real strange… but, i’m glad it works! :smiley:

A single click is sufficient to reset but I wanna get around having to navigate my mouse to the fields.

In the German version of C7 there is no entry to reset meters. Weird.

º jcologne: ah, I see! thank you for explaining, don´t have C7 yet.