Shortcut to show all Plugins on a channel (Shift, CTRL & e (edit channel settings button) ) not working since 10.0.15 Up

Hello all,

This seems to be the only way to have any kinda shortcut of showing what plugins are on a particular channel and it seems Steinberg have broken it since the 10.0.15 update. It seems to close the plugins, so it half works, but it wont work to open them again - I.E. if I have plugins open and click on e (edit channel settings button) on the channel while holding down CTRL & Shift it will close them but I cant get them to open them back up again. I have tried this on 2 different systems (one is Win 7 one is Win 10) both running Cubase Pro 10.0.15 and its the same on both.
Anyone else having this issue?


So it must be something exclusive to my systems so…