shortcut within Insert Audio Files box

Is there a way to program a shortcut for the blue up and down arrows on the box that appears when you just drag files into a montage?

I find myself arranging the file order with the mouse, but it would be nice if I could highlight a file and use shift+up or down arrow to reorganize the order of files before selecting OK.

I tried to look for a shortcut option in montage key commands but I couldn’t find it if it’s there. If it’s not there, maybe it could be added for WL 8.5? My right wrist is feeling the effects of getting old so I really prefer to use shortcuts when I can rather than a mouse.

Screen shot attached to show what box I’m referring to.


Sorry, there is no shortcut.
You can also use the mouse with drag and drop, not only the 2 arrow buttons.

Thanks. Typically I do use the mouse to drag and drop the order of files before inserting, but when I have to prepare 30+ of these montages in a day, my wrist starts to feel it and it would probably be much faster to have a shortcut to move the files much like I have a shortcut to move audio tracks up and down in a created montage.