Shortcuts as in Sibelius

Hi all, I’m new to Dorico after 25 years of professional Sibelius use (“power user”).

I’m wondering if it makes sense to replicate my Sibelius shortcuts in Dorico. Basic functions used all the time like “transpose an octave up”, “select highest note” etc.
Also: the notelength’s (key pad). And everything else.

Did anybody ever try this? What are your experiences? What speaks against it?

Thanks and best!

Welcome to the forum, Stefan.

I’m biased, of course, but I think you should try to acclimatise yourself to Dorico’s shortcuts to begin with, as they’re designed as a complete system for consistency and ease of memorisation. I think it’s also probably better to use a different set of shortcuts for Dorico than Sibelius because the two applications work so differently, and using Dorico’s shortcuts will help you to internalise Dorico’s way of working.


Welcome to the forum, @stefan.b

When Dorico first appeared, this question of mimicking shortcuts users were accustomed to in Finale or Sibelius was frequent topic, but in the long run I think most users found it more convenient to become accustomed to the various shortcuts Dorico provided and use the custom shortcut capabilities to add additional shortcuts of their own.

Welcome, Stefan.

I do think that if you always have a number keypad to hand, there’s no reason not to program it to match Sibelius’s first keypad layout, as Dorico doesn’t need the number keypad by default.

That said, for working on the move (or on an Apple laptop, or most Windows laptops) the top row numbers work fine for note input, and the shortest to longest from left to right approach is perfectly logical and worth getting your head around.

For everything else, it’s worth just learning them. They’re incredibly consistent within themselves, and given time your brain will cope with both programs.

(And it’s nice to see you here, by the way - you’ve done some lovely work for a North London client we share.)


Hi Stefan

While there are some things that you could map/change there aren’t always directly the same features in both applications or they don’t work in the same way. E.g. we use the numbers at the top of your keyboard for note durations and Sibelius uses them for intervals - we use the Shift-i popover for that so that you can also have minor, augmented etc intervals.

Also, when looked at as a whole the Dorico shortcuts make more sense (I’m also biased like Daniel).

Our shortcuts are worth learning. However, if you are needing to go back to Sibelius at times too you could use a Streamdeck or similar to set a button in the same place do different things in each application.

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Hey Stefan,

when I moved to Dorico (also from Sibelius, also a pretty experienced user), I had the same idea as you.
But in the meanwhile I find it way more effective to work with what I find in dorico (in combination with a streamdeck xl).


Hi all, thanks very much for your quick feedback.

Thanks and best! Stefan


Coming from Sibelius, I hated some of the shortcuts in Dorico, but I did get used to them, and fairly quickly, too. Now, they’re second-nature. Your experience will probably be similar.


I join those who recommend using Dorico’s keyboard shortcuts. I was also a “power user” of Sibelius and I had the same temptation, but when I saw that everything was very well thought out I decided to make an initial effort and now I do not regret it at all, on the contrary, I think the Dorico team has done a fantastic job of coherence and consistency in how they have planned the keyboard shortcuts (like the rest of the program).