Shortcuts disappear


I’m in a real trouble
All my shortcuts disappeared . . … ?

Hi Patha - try rebooting your computer.

I have made this but I have still the same problem

In which case you will need to specify:

  1. Type of computer
  2. Operating system and version
  3. Dorico edition and version
  4. Specific details of the behaviour.

I’m sure one of the many experts on the forum will be able to help.

Hi again
I have a big problem.
When I assigne some shortcuts and restart Dorico again, the shortcuts don’t work anymore even if they are assigned

Windows 10
The latest update of Dorico

Can you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report in Dorico and attach the resulting zip file here?

Dorico (2.4 MB)

It looks like you have at various points set up shortcuts both for an English keyboard and a German keyboard. You have more shortcuts set up for the German keyboard than the English one. Go to the Key Commands page of Preferences and make sure Keyboard language is set to German.