Shortcuts for german keyboard

I’m using Dorico 3.5.10 (Mac) with Notation Express XL and I tried to add the shortcut to the german keyboard settings from the original US english shortcut ( ALT + COMMAND + SHIFT + 1
UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue ( Event Scale, k Cue )
UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue ( Event Scale, k Normal ),
which toggles the selected noted between cue-sized and normal notes.
It seems that this shortcut (and all other , which start with UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue are not included in the german keyboard shortcuts global list.
Will this added at some later date or is it possible to add this shortcut?
Any help would be appreciated.

A German version (not officially supported) for Notation Express XL exists. Send a Mail to Philip Rothman at Notation Central and he will send you a copy, if you already bought the English version.

Many thanks for the Info.