Shortcuts for lengthen by grid value and double

Hi all,

suddenly alt+shift+right doubles note duration instead of lengthening by grid value. I deleted the shortcuts both for Double duration and for Lengthen by grid value, but alt+shift+right still doubles the duration even if the shortcut IS deleted.

If I try to assign alt+shift+right to some other function, the system says that the shortcut still is assigned to lengthen by grid value (but it does not show up there anymore). If I try to put it back the system says that it is assigned to Selection and Navigation>.

What shall I do?


I opened Dorico 2, and there it works normally. But I also saw that “Lengthen by grid value” has been moved from “Selection and navigation” to the “Edit” section. Maybe this has something to do with it.

And suddenly it works again. No idea why.

I think it’s Lengthen until the end of selection that is misplaced in the “selection and navigation” section of shortcuts…