Shortcuts for "next/previous VST instrument"?


Is there some way I go to next/previous on an open VST instrument, using shortcuts/keys?
In Cubase Pro 8.5 with NI Komplete for example.

There are usually tiny clickable arrows next to the title of instrument, but I’m looking for a quicker/easier way to go through instruments, without using the mouse.



Do you mean “Previous/Next VST Instrument”, or “Previous/Next Preset”? For the “Previous/Next Preset”, there is a Command.

Ah yes, I guess I mean preset.
As in: the various sounds available in that VST instrument
On PC, command would be CTRL? And then which keys?


It’s not with any modifier. In the Key Commands, find a Preset folder. Open it, and there are the Next and the Previous commands. Assign wanted Key Command.