Shortcuts in Cubase 12

Hi everyone,
I wonder (and I did so in previous versions of Cubase): is there a possibility to import shortcuts/Shortcut profile from previous versions? I mean I did everything I need in my SCuts in C11 and just want to import it from there but it still is impossible and so I have to do it all over again, That is terrible for everybody used to a specific workflow. And it costs so much time to redo every single one. I would be very happy if there is a workaround or a regular way I don´t know et.

Hi, Kuske, welcome to the forum!

Seeing that I never had to manually import anything when updating from previous versions, there are two questions here.

  1. Does Cubase ever shut down properly for you?
  2. Have you tried using a user profile? Run the Cubase version that you have set up the way you like, with all your custom colors, preferences, key commands, DOP favorites etc etc, go to profiles, duplicate the default one, rename it to what you like, and then export the profile. Then run 12, go to profiles, see if the profile is present. If not, import the profile from the proper path.
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Thank you ggmanestraki,
in fact I have trouble shut down c11 properly. In most cases after some work it freezes during shutdown. And no, I never tried the user profile before. But now I do. Thank you very much!!! It worked.

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