Shortcuts in Engrave mode

Since the last update (Dorico 2.2) in which Engrave Mode has been modified, I can no longer add shortcuts for Staff spacing and Notes spaging.

You can: these are in the Edit category in the Key Commands editor in Preferences.

I have tried several times, but when I apply the shortcut in a project gives me error

Well, I tested them immediately before Dorico 2.2 was released because of the work involved in moving things to a toolbox in Engrave mode, so I know they certainly work.

Colandrea, they definitely work here in 2.2.

Solved. The fact is that in the shortcuts panel in the Engrave menu the function to apply the shortcut does not work, while it works when I go to set the shortcut from the Edit menu. Thanks.

Yes, I did specify that you had to use the ones in the Edit category in my original reply. There’s some (probably not very good) reason why we can’t just remove the ones from the Engrave category, but I’ll look into that again.

Yes the shortcuts work, but sadly no longer as On/Off switches; so you can’t just toggle them off with the same keyswitch again :frowning:
And to continue working i have to initiate a new shortcut that brings me back to ‘Graphic Editing’