Shortcuts in Key Editor

I am creating a bass track using a keyboard and Key Editor.
Any ways to streamline this?

I was also wondering if there is a way to, say, quickly make 16th note groups or 8th note triplets and the like, and also cutting and pasting in the editor.

I just realized it might work better if I looped each bar, so I could focus on just one or two notes while playing in via the Yamaha. If anyone does this or has other tricks, please let me know.

Connected to this - is there a way I can easily see the chords in line with the bar. IOW chords that I am harmonizing with in another track. Here I am working with audio tracks, so perhaps there is no way. I was thinking even a little notebook function that I could place above the Key Editor in line with the bars where I write in the chords.

But anything that has helped you.


Are you recording the track in real-time? Or do you use Step Recording?

I have been recording in real time. And right off I like the implications of your question.
I found a video for Cubase 5 and this would definitely help.
I’ll go now and make sure I can find the controls in my elements 8.


There is a way, how to make a multiple Notes by few mouse clicks. But if you use real-time recording, you just have to Record it. Every single Note. And then edit it.

I have been experimenting with Key Editor and step recording. This is going OK. Will come back with more questions if they come up.
Thanks Martin, just mentioning that option did a lot for me.