shortcuts with updates

I couldn’t find anything on the forum about this -probably- stupid question.
In the new 2.2.20 update there are new items in the shortcut menu - so I could imagine that my existing shortcut-protocol is maybe touched and overwritten.
What happens with my individual shortcuts when updating to 2.2.20?
Thanx a lot

The best place to check for this sort of thing when an update first comes out is in the accompanying Version History doc, accessible through the Download Assistant or the Steinberg/Dorico Download page.

Checked it - nothing found

i extracted my shortcuts from the library, installed Dorico 2.2.20 and checked - and they are all still there :slight_smile:
Bref: your personal shortcuts ‘stay alive’ when installing 2.2.20

There are new commands in 2.2.20, which are available in the Shortcuts Preferences. They do not have default shortcuts: there are there for you to assign your own. So they do not override any existing keys you may be using.

How future updates will behave if they introduce new key shortcuts that users may have already assigned, is another issue.

yes i know…but even if you can assign it by yourself, I thought they will maybe ‘influencing’ the existing file. But if you think logical, it’s right what you say: they don’t ADD shortcuts they only add items to the possible shortcut list - so there is no reason why they should interfere with the shortcut file…:wink:

My custom shortcuts are still there after updating (Mac). But an “export/import key command” feature in Dorico would be fine!

btw: I LOVE the new “Flip” key command!

Flip’s been there since January :wink:

User preference files are kept in separate locations from the application, and are not normally affected by installation. (That’s why it’s often more useful to trash user preference files than reinstall.)

You can copy or restore your existing preference files in order to ‘export/import’ your key commands to other locations/setups/computers.

I thought that the ‘Export all layouts as pdfs’ would be very useful but it only seems to print out page 1 for each layout.
I had pre-set the Export dialogue to export pdf, colour, normal and ‘All Pages’.

Yep, there’s a known bug there (spotted after release).

I think that Print Preview First Page, and Print Preview Last Page are new additions in 2.2.20 and they both have default keystrokes.

Ah, yes: those ones do have shortcuts, though in effect it’s just adding ‘standard’ Home/End, Page Up/Down keys to the display. I’d be surprised if anyone had assigned those to something else.