Shorten/Lengthen Duration by Grid Value

I use the excellent “Shorten/Lengthen Duration by Grid Value” all the time, but I’m wondering if there is a setting that will create tied notes with the default value.

Here is an example:

I want to extend the selected note by an 8th so that it is now a quarter, but when I do I get this:

Obviously it would be much better to be a 1/4 on the downbeat:

To get this I’ve been shortening by an 8th and then lengthening by a 1/4.

Just wondering if there is a setting to extend by an 8th and get a quarter on the downbeat.


You must have particular setting, as I cannot replicate this. When I use extend duration by grid I end up with a crotchet on the downbeat automatically.

My guess is that this is a note that has previously had “Force Duration” turned on, so you probably want to turn that off first.

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I think Richard_Lanyon is on to something. This is a XML import from Sibelius with the following preference checked:

I should probably uncheck this for future imports.

I have all the xml import options turned off. Let Dorico work its magic!