shorten multiple note lengths

Dear Forum,

I put in a transcription of Bachs Prelude No.1 :slight_smile:

As you notice it is 16th notes in the original. Is there a way to shorten the 8th notes I put in and get a result without 16th rests in between.

(I tried the obvious methods of shortening by grid and such already)

BTW: How to add these et ring slurs


you can do like this :
-select the notes and change it in 16th notes
-select all and Edit/Remove rests

But it’s not like composition tools as Invert,Retrograde,double Time haltime,mirror…and that what you want I suppose?
Best regards

Use insert mode, when you change to 16th notes.

To add a laissez vibrer tie, select the note and activate the ‘Laissez vibrer tie’ property. More information here.